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There are many ways to partner with Coaches of Influence.  Our ministry we need partners to meet our goals and carry out our vision. We want to partner with Churches, Pastors, Schools, Clubs, other Ministries. We also need to partner with church laypeople, Business people, golfers, prayer warriors, sponsors and donors.

Churches / Pastors & Laymen
COIN seeks to partner with the Church by coming alongside the church and working with the local church to minister to those who are coaching by profession.
COIN desires that each CF group be “Hosted” by a church
Attend regularly – assign a pastor
Submit study lessons / bible studies for Coaches Fellowships to use
Post in church publications/calendar/bulletin
“Own” the group – refer to the CF group in your area as “Our Churches CF Group”

Schools & Clubs
COIN seeks to partner with Schools by coming alongside them strengthening and encouraging its coaches through CF Groups and personal relationships
COIN wants to hold a CF group on your campus or at a place near your campus
We want to offer this group to all of your coaching staff
COIN wants to partner with your Club.  We recognize that sports clubs are getting more and more professional.
COIN wants to offer Coaches Fellowships for the coaches in your club

OTHER Ministries to Coaches/Athletes that COIN is in partnership with
COIN seeks to partner with like-minded ministries by joining them in reaching, strengthening and encouraging coaches through many other creative means and with the reach that goes beyond what our ministry can accomplish
Pro-Athletes Outreach
CBMC – partners in our annual Football Coaches Appreciation Luncheon
Uttermost Sports – missions to unreached people groups through coaching and athletics.

Businessmen, Laymen, Golfers and Donors
COIN seeks to partner with others by casting the vision for what a coach can and should be.  We seek to enhance these relationships to a deeper level than a transactional one, we want all of our relationships to be transformational!

COIN recognizes the need for partnership with the professional sector as well.  We value our partnerships and it is not just about accessing funding and resources for our ministry.  It is much more than that.  We seek to enter into relationship with those individuals who truly believe the impact a coach can have on an athlete.  We invite these partners to all of our events and even on our mission trips so they too can serve the body of Christ using their talents and gifts.