COIN: A Call to Action

On June 25, 1962, the United States Supreme Court decided that a prayer approved by the New York Board of Regents for use in public schools violated the First Amendment because it represented the establishment of religion. Along the same lines, in 1963, the same court decided against Bible readings in public schools.

It has been 60 years since those unfortunate decisions made by the US Supreme Court. Such decisions have resulted in calamitous impacts on our society, as evidenced by statistics like the following. In the last six decades:


Criminal arrest of teens up 150%


Teen suicides in ages 15 – 19 up 450%


Drug Abuse and Illegal Drug Activity Up 6,000%


Child Abuse Cases Up 2,300%


Divorce Cases Up 350%


SAT Scores have Fallen by 10% (even through the SAT questions have been revamped to be easier to answer)


Violent Crime has Risen by 350%


Teen Pregnancy has escalated dramatically

And now, in 2022, we are inundated with horrific stories about the way humans treat other humans – mass shootings, crime, abortion, suicide and drug abuse. On a daily basis, we witness our elected politicians and leaders who are so willing to lie, cheat, distort and deceive the people they have been called to represent, protect and serve. 


As Christians, the response to all of this is simple. 

The only solution to every human, social, environmental or political issue or problem is God, the Bible and prayer. 

Where It All Started

For many years, as a public high school coach, Nelson Cook saw firsthand the impact and negative effect the Supreme Court decision had on students, the athletes he coached and their families. But Nelson also knew that, as a coach, he and other coaches were in a unique position to have tremendous and transformational influence on all kids, but especially those who were showing and experiencing the impact of the many challenges, burdens and pressures of life. Such decisions did not impact only them, but also their families, and Nelson knew he could not ignore his calling. 

But there was another layer to Nelson’s mission and vision. While communities rise for children, while there would be no shortage of coaches ready and willing to give of their gifts and talents, who would coach the coaches?

The Reverend Billy Graham once said, “One coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person will in a lifetime.”

In 1997, with the help, guidance and power of God and the Holy Spirit, Nelson started the COIN (Coaches of Influence) Ministry.

The mission of the COIN Ministry is to reach coaches with the Gospel, to encourage them in their faith and to strengthen the commitment of coaches at all levels and all sports. 

At its inception, Nelson wrote, “Working with and through the church we will invest in their personal, family and professional lives.”

The essence of the idea and mission of the COIN Ministry is simple: to provide the resources needed to help coaches become a powerful witness to the students, athletes and families they serve about the power of God, the Bible and prayer. 

Why Help COIN?

Like many private institutions, charities or ministries, to help perform the work of the Ministry, COIN is completely dependent on the private donations and generous giving nature of those who know and support the Ministry. However resources are limited so the COIN Ministry has launched its first ever.


As a young coach I focused on the skills of my sport, the skill I had to mesh players’ personalities, the skill I had for the mental side of the game. At times I would squeeze in a little bit about good behavior on the court. In the end I realized this led to mediocrity for both me and my players. But when I changed my priorities and decided to put God first in my life, this behavior not only changed me, it also influenced and changed my players. Since then, I have continued to lean on God and trust in the Lord for the rest. COIN was the sounding board to help me put this into practice, as iron sharpens iron, my life and the teams and players I coached have been changed forever.

~ Arlen Elrik

I have been a part of COIN for about 15 years. Meeting with other coaches in fellowship has been both meaningful and important to my own spiritual growth. I have learned more
about coaching including both the challenges and successes of my colleagues. I have also had the opportunity to pray and be prayed for, to encourage and to be encouraged, and to love and be loved. As a result, I have been sharpened as a coach and a believer. “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

~ James Morris

Today – right now – all you need to do is to look around to see a world in crisis – a world that is broken and under siege by powers and forces that seek to undermine the power and message of God, the Bible and prayer in all of our public and private intuitions, and in our daily lives. 

The time has now come for all Christians to step up and to show the world there is a better way. To use a sports analogy, it is time to deliver a complete smack-down to the evil force that seeks to destroy and corrupt the message of God. 

In its unique and small way, this is the mission of the COIN Ministry. If the work of this ministry can influence one coach to be a powerful witness to the power of God, the Bible and prayer, and in turn that coach can influence one student or athlete to become a powerful witness and that student can then influence other students or members of his or her family, and then the cycle is powerfully repeated. 

Then the mission of the Ministry will have been realized – all for the glory of God. 

With your generous financial support, the COIN Ministry will be able to develop, sponsor or host special events or activities designed to reach coaches with the Gospel, encourage coaches in their faith and to strengthen coaches in their commitment to Jesus.

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We are a world in crisis, but there is a way forward. With God’s help, your prayers and financial support, COIN will make a way.