Dear Teammates and Friends of COIN,

Coaches of Influence is excited to honor some of our local High School Football Coaches. We have several events coming for summer 2019…

Over the years we have launched July Football Coaches Appreciation Luncheons in area schools. We invite 6 High School football coaches and their senior athletes to fill 20 FREE seats (2 tables of 10) to a location near their schools and they get a “class A” lunch and great speaker to boot. The gospel is shared and the Lord has blessed each time with wonderful fruit.
The times are usually 11:30am – 1:00pm
We typically need about $300 per table to sponsor 1 table for a school.
With several schools invited and each gets 2 tables, we need to raise minimally $4,000 for each Luncheon (this does not include travel & honorarium costs for the guest speakers).
We are asking a couple of things:
  • Please pray that people will hear the gospel and respond to the Lord.
  • Help support a table or partial table
  • Plan on coming and bringing friends who would like to attend.

Individual tickets are $35 a person.

Banquet Sponsorship’s are available for $1000.
To donate please click HERE. Write “Football Luncheon and location (Chino, Corona, Yorba Linda, Orange) in the note/memo section.
  • Corona Luncheon – TBD
  • Chino Hills Luncheon – TBD
  • Yorba Linda Luncheon – TBD
  • Orange Luncheon – TBD
  • New Location…TBD