Coaches of Influence is a 501c3 ministry that began in March 1997 We help coaches maximize their influence in their personal, family and professional lives.


Our Vision is for coaches to meet with one another where they can experience fellowship on a regular basis following Acts 2:42 “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”


To Reach coaches with the Gospel, to Encourage them in their faith, and to Strengthen them in their personal, family, and professional lives.

The 4 pillars of our ministry are:

  1. Coach Fellowship (CF) Groups
    1. Provide accountability and fellowship for coaches
  2. International Missions
  3. Prayer for Coaches
  4. Outreach & Honor Events
    1. Coach / Spouse Honor Banquet
    2. Football Coaches Appreciation Banquets
    3. Golf Tournament

Through the above activities COiN will…

  • Provide accountability and fellowship for coaches
  • Pray for coaches
  • Reach coaches with the Gospel
  • Empower coaches to reach other coaches
  • Empower coaches to bear fruit on the athletic fields
  • Stand in the gap between the church and the athletic field

Why is this ministry needed?

  • Coaches miss traditional church on weekends and weeknights due to their coaching roles
  • Coaches need support and encouragement specific to their professions
  • Coaches have influence; they don’t realize it and they don’t utilize it
  • Coaches get caught up in the wrong things – Winning, Transactional, breaking down kids, fear
  • Coaches are isolated in their professions
  • Coaches want to be better at coaching
  • COIN helps coaches realize their potential, understand their calling, guides them in how to be intentional in their approach


I have had the privilege of being a part of the C.O.I.N. ministry from its genesis until now. With fondness, I remember praying with Nelson Cook and encouraging him to forge ahead as he passionately shared his vision with me. I have had the privilege of being a part of C.O.I.N. and serving on the original Board of Directors while pastoring in Orange County. I now have the privilege of benefiting greatly from the ministry as a varsity football coach at Norco High School. I am actively involved in the Norco/Corona Coaches group. Both as a pastor and coach, I have observed the many effects of the ministry in the lives of coaches and consistently express gratitude to the Lord that Nelson has faithfully and consistently forged ahead with the vision God gave him over fifteen years ago. Each C.O.I.N. group meeting and the various activities sponsored by C.O.I.N…from the annual banquet to the annual golf tournament…give coaches an awesome opportunity for personal accountability, fellowship, encouragement, inspiration, and spiritual growth. Hundreds of lives have been touched by this great ministry! The future of C.O.I.N. is as bright as the promises of God!
With thanksgiving,
Buster Reeves