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Bob joined Nelson Cook and the Coaches of Influence staff in March 2016.
The purpose of COIN is to reach coaches with the gospel, encourage them in their faith, and strengthen them in their commitment to Christ. COIN helps coaches to maximize their influence in their personal, family and professional lives by working through and with the local church.   The four pillars of COIN are:

1  Coaches Fellowships – Acts 2:42;  2 Timothy 2:2

2  Prayer – Church engagement and partnerships – Ephesians 1:15-23

3  Events – Golf Challenge;  Horse Whisperer Outreach – John12:32

4  Missions – Matthew 28:18-20




Past Events


Click on picture below for a video introduction of Coach Larry Luitjens

Larry Luitjens was the keynote speaker for the breakfast banquet at the Rapid City Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Thursday, April 1, 2021 with over 600 people in attendance (over 60 coaches). He is the winningest high school basketball coach in South Dakota history with 748 wins including seven state championships. His teams appeared in 17 state tournaments, (13 championship games). Coach Luitjens spoke of what he called “the wins and losses of my life.”
Coach was introduced by former player, Doug Herrmann, who is now the Executive Director for the Rapid City Club for Boys. “Doug was a great athlete, but more importantly, he was a great role model, especially for my son, Lance, who was around five years old at the time.” says Larry.
Significant losses for Larry were: the deaths of three close friends in 1965; when he got fired as the basketball coach from St. Mary’s High School 1972; the 1991 state championship loss; the deaths of Derek and Eva in 1999; a cancer diagnosis in 2002; and a near death experience from a bicycle accident 2003.
Significant wins: the friendship of Pastor Dick Bahnson; the professionalism of referees; ; when he quit drinking beer for 23 years while his son was growing up; coaching his son in four consecutive state championship games and winning them in 1990 and 1992; friendships of Bryan Brewer and Dusty Lebeau and other Native people; the doctors who saved his life after the bicycle accident; but the greatest victory is when Larry turned his life over to Jesus Christ at a Christian sports camp in Estes Park, CO, 1978! “It’s the victory that overcomes the world – our FAITH.” (1 John 5:4)
One person in attendance said, “Larry Luitjens’ honesty, humility and grace, and his incredible life story, touched my heart and gave me a better perspective on humility and honesty in my life.”

Click on the picture below to view the ending of Larry’s talk    4:36




Horse Whisperer Outreach Events for Coaches and their Teams

Dr. Lew Sterrett, the Horse Whisperer, performed the Capture the Heart program in Lincoln, NE, April 2018. Coach Tom Osborne attended with his grandson, son and around 400 people.
Coach Osborne said, “Lew is a very talented guy! The program is so worthwhile that there should have been 4-5 thousand people here!”




Unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced before. The Horse Whisperer is one of the most powerful programs in the country!
A veteran cowboy said, “It was an absolutely wonderful presentation with an excellent concept… very well done… a great message!”
A text from a coach said, “Bob, thanks for bringing that wonderful presentation of the “Horse Whisperer” to our area! My wife and daughters loved it! I read through the Character Matters curriculum last night when I got home, and I cannot wait to get started on this with my football team!”
An email from another coach, “Thank you for purchasing tickets for us to watch the Horse Whisperer. It was an inspiring event! I absorbed several strong nuggets of wisdom that will help me as both a Head Coach and the Marketing Director for our Corporation, but I will not be saddling an unbroken horse.”
A Facebook message said, “I just want to tell you that through your program, my husband is now going to church with me…”










Future Events



COIN Golf Challenge, Hart Ranch Golf Course, Thursday afternoon August 5, 2021, Rapid City, SD

Would you play golf to benefit a coach?  Or better yet, would you sponsor a coach to play golf for FREE?  Or the best yet, would you, or your church, sponsor a team of four coaches to play golf for FREE?


2021 golf registration p1    2021 golf registration p2







The book, A Coach of Influence, will be released later this year, 2021. It was written with a coach in mind. Just as the physical world is made up of elements, so good coaching is made up of elements and strategies. The book is like a periodic table of good coaching elements. The elements coincide with Larry’s career of 47 seasons with a few extra lessons added to equal a total of 50. Larry hopes that when people remember his career, he will be remembered more for teaching kids about life, than teaching them how to make a layup or free throw. Any coach will benefit from Larry’s successes and failures. We hope it is entertaining and instructional. Luke 2:52 says, “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Lessons in the book are in four categories: physical, mental, social and spiritual.
One of Larry’s former players (now a coach himself) says, “I feel like Coach Luitjens was a master of motivating his players. He knew the right buttons to push to get the most out of each player. He didn’t motivate every player the same; he knew the ones he could push hard, and the ones he had to do it a little different way; but he found the way to get the best out of everyone. He treated everyone fair. The other thing that stuck out to me was – doing the little things,  the fundamentals. We would spend a lot of time on dribbling, passing, shooting and the one-on-one moves. And Defense was a priority!!! I have tried to take these three things and make sure the are covered in my program (motivation, fundamentals and a solid defense).”
If you would like a book, send a donation of any amount to:  COIN    24948 Mica Ridge Rd.     Custer, SD 57730


Two great resources by Coach Tom Osborne:


Coaching Matters  

In this study guide, former University of Nebraska football coach, Tom Osborne, shares proven principles, strategies and lessons to equip you to improve your coaching and inspire others. Nearly evry successful coach can point to a good coach who taught them how to coach. Coach Osborne makes the case for coaching athletes in body, mind and spirit – all three dimensions. He explains how every coach can get others to follow, giving their best effort. It can be used by an athletic department for professional development, or for a faith-based small group study. Topics include: -mentoring  -integrity  -consistency  -language  -values  -how to deal with adversity  -work ethic  -spirituality  -loyalty  -unity  -vision  -leadership.









Mentoring Matters  

Nearly every successful leader can point to a good mentor who taught them how to lead. Dr. Tom Osborne makes the case for mentoring and explains how each of us can get others to follow without using intimidation or manipulation. Besides showing how any coach, parent, or employer can better lead his/her team, he explains how his TEAMMATES mentoring program has grown from just a few players meeting with students to a national organization. Read how any mentor can leave a legacy. This book features information on the need for mentors, tools for identifying strengths, meaning and purpose of mentoring, and effective mentoring practices.











Wade Salem is the Founder and President of Character Matters in Arizona which helps coaches incorporate character within their programs. He comes from a coaching family and has worked almost two decades with hundreds of coaches and teams from every level. From playing, coaching and consulting, Wade brings a unique insight and clarity into coaching character. He’s an excellent leader, speaker and author of character curriculums. Wade is dedicated to educating coaches to discover the qualities needed to be complete.
A Different Curriculum each year gives the coach a Game Plan to execute a Theme of the Week for the season. It fits into the schedule and is easily implemented.
It empowers the coach to clearly communicate character qualities needed for success. It helps establish and strengthen the character culture of the team.
This three-ring binder includes full color posters to promote; a power point to present; flyer to show; handouts to share; evaluations to review; certificates to reward and online support.














Call:   605-517-0798   or   email:   bob@coincoach.org   or   write:   COIN    24948 Mica Ridge Rd.   Custer, SD 57730