I wanted to write to encourage you with this story about witnessing as a sports coach and its far-reaching effect.


While we were in Portland, OR, I met a pastor named Rick Adams.  His testimony is amazing.  He was reared in an unsaved, unchurched family.  His dad was an alcoholic.  His parents divorced when he was five, leaving his two younger brothers and him with his mother.  His mother married and divorced several more times.  When Rick was in public high school, his wrestling coach witnessed to him and led him to Christ.  The coach attended Trinity Baptist Church, which has a Bible college (in Jacksonville, FL).  Rick graduated and went to that college.  He subsequently led his two younger brothers to the Lord and several years later he led his mother to the Lord also.  He now is a pastor at Greater Portland Baptist Church and just celebrated 20 years there.  His one brother is the youth pastor there and his other brother is a youth pastor at another church.  About ten years ago, one brother was preaching at a city mission and a man went forward to be saved.  Afterwards, the man said, “You don’t know who I am, do you?”  Well, it was his own father!  Then about a year later, the father and mother remarried and have been active at church (and happily married) for over nine years!  Isn’t that amazing?  All because one wrestling coach was faithful to witness to his team!




Hello, Mr. Harris,

You don’t know who I am, but I wanted to send you a note about your coaches’ Bible study.  I cannot attend the Bible study because we start school at 7:30am, but I know several coaches who attend regularly.  Many of the coaches who attend are good friends of mine, and I have seen some real changes in their walk with God.  I grew up in a Christian home and have tried to be a good Christian example for my fellow coaches, but some keep stumbling down the same old sinful path year after year.  This year at the State Basketball Tournament in Austin, I had a chance to hang out with some coaching pals, some of whom attend your Bible study.  I realized immediately that something was different in these guys’ lives.  Immediately, one coach brought up the Bible study and talked about the impact it was having on him.  I wanted you to know that your efforts were really making an impact in these coaches’ lives.  I know with your hectic schedule it takes real effort to get up and lead a Bible study, so I wanted to encourage you and let you know that your efforts were truly impacting lives.  I will keep this Bible study in my prayers and hope that these men continue to seek out God and what a true relationship with Him is all about.  I hope this encourages you; and if the Bible study goes through the summer, maybe I can attend.


Sincerely, Jeff Clarkson, Naaman Forest Basketball coach


Del Harris is a busy man as a pro coach, but not so busy that he loses sight of God’s purpose for him, which is to use his influence to impact other coaches for God’s glory.  Leadership is critical.  Those who commit to make a difference will see a change in those they’re committed to.




“I appreciate your words of wisdom!  My family and I know that GOD is in control and HE desires the best for us.  Hope you and your family are doing well.  Know that YOU are a blessing to many (I appreciate your example).  I enjoyed the coaching nuggets (especially, the first one).  “Encourage no matter what the circumstance.”



“Never have so many coaches owed so much to God’s inspired leader, Nelson Cook.  You mean so much to all of us.  More than you know, brother.  Please, never underrate how your untiring efforts give COIN its future value and meaning to so many.  Hang tough.  Your blessings and needs will come on “Wings of Eagles”.  Thanks for the call.  I needed that.  God bless you, Nelson.”



“You planted a seed and it is growing.  St. Francis High School football coach, Jim Bonds, and I started a weekly prayer meeting early in the summer.  And now that the school year is underway, we are meeting each Wednesday morning at 7:00am at the school.  Thank you for your counsel and helping us to get started.  I am very grateful.  May God continue to richly bless you.”



“The coaches’ ministry is not only needed by us, but tremendously effective in my life and those I coach with.  I look forward to it each week.”



“You have planted many seeds and they are producing fruit.”



“I have never been more excited about my Christian life and the Coaches’ Fellowship which is a blessing to attend.”



“Thank you for all you do for my husband (coach).  He’s a different man because of the coaches’ ministry.”



“Thank you for COIN and your ministry as it has given me the opportunity to meet other coaches and get to know them in the Lord.  I have been blessed by the fellowship because of my need for encouragement.”



“As a school administrator I appreciate the ministry you provide to coaches and their families.  The encouragement you provide is from the truth of God and uplifts the spirits of so many people.  I want to encourage you that your ministry is serving a vital purpose and is making a difference in the lives of people.”



“I appreciate all that you have done for so many coaches, including myself.  Not only have you encouraged me as a Christian who happen to be a coach and teacher, you have encouraged me as a father.”



There is nothing like gathering with men who share the same passions and are going through similar struggles; and then being able to fellowship and pray with those men, and open the Word together.



The accountability is good.  I need that in my life, and COIN provides that.



It has been wonderful to get together with other Godly men who I work with and some who I don’t in order to encourage each other and share what the Lord has been doing in our lives as teachers, coaches, fathers, and husbands.



The time in the Coaches’ Fellowship has been a blessing.  Being able to talk with my fellow believers in Christ about life in the trenches, being reminded of what is important and eternal over what is temporal and wood, hay, and stubble.



The opportunity to be held accountable and to be encouraged with fellow coaches is amazing.



Accountability and friendship with area coaches is why I attend.  Many times it gives me thoughts and concepts I can carry with me all week

The COIN ministry is a constant reminder of what should be my first priority in coaching.  It is to glorify God and influence my athletes for Him.



COIN keeps me focused with the right perspective and mind set to positively influence others.  I love the relevance and interactions with other coaches.



The opportunity to fellowship with other Christian men/coaches, and to share how the Lord is working through them at their individual schools has been a blessing and encouragement.



Coaches’ Fellowship has been a real blessing for me, my family, my school, and my team.



COIN has made such a significant difference in the way my staff looks at our coaching mission.  It has emboldened our coaches of faith to truly take a stand for Christ.  COIN has given me an energy and direction to build a Godly plan to bring salvation to my kids.  I look forward to our Saturdays and the support and encouragement I receive.  The Lord has blessed me richly.  I understand the difference between a Christian coach and a Christian who happened to coach.



I think your ministry is stronger than ever. Coaches need you. David Lee, Buffalo Bills



I really do love you and appreciate all you do for the guys. You are such a blessing to the coaches, who can influence so many. Thank you for all that you have done for me personally even though you may not realize it. Roger Stahlhut



Really appreciated your message! Excellent analogy and challenge. Thanks for the share! Glenn Thomas



Your parallels to leading a Christ-centered life are right on. Clay Sherman, Cal State Fullerton



You are a blessing to me and I certainly want to do more for COIN. What a great ministry. Jerry Morgan



Thank you for being such a good friend.  Blessings to you.  Know that you are making a deeply meaningful and lasting impact for the Kingdom through your ministry and friendships.


Jim Kunau



Keep up the good work. It is extremely important for coaches to understand that they teach naïve players life lessons by example, and by how they manage their organization. They owe every player the TRUTH, and if selected to participate, a fair opportunity. They have the power to do great and even more damage. Teachers/coaches have an awesome responsibility and deserve our positive support and guidance.


David Thompson





Thanks Nelson! It’s so great to hear from you. Growing up playing sports, and now watching my nieces and nephews play, I see the impact coaches (good or bad) can have on a child’s life. I definitely pray for COIN and will always pass along information to anyone I come in contact with. You are doing amazing work.


Stephanie Richardson


When I first began attending our Coaches’ Fellowship group some 20 years ago, I was especially impressed and attracted to it because I was surrounded by Christian men (fallible like me) but who loved the Lord and desired to grow deeper in their walk with Him.  However, even more encouraging to me was that they were men whose daily goal was to represent Christ in the coaching world.  I realized they faced many of the same challenges and blessing I was facing and therefore found we could relate on a much deeper level.  Over the years we have studied God’s Word together and attempted to make direct application to our roles as men, husbands, fathers, educators, and coaches.  We have held each other up and been held up in prayer, taking our worries and cares as well as praises to the Father on behalf of one another.  What an incredible blessing COIN Fellowship has been and continues to be in my life.


Robb Perrance

Head Football Coach

Brea Olinda High School

‘Go Wildcats’



I have gotten a ton out of attending the Mission Viejo COIN and facilitating the Irvine COIN the past several years.

The MV COIN has been a cold drink of water for my Christian walk as a coach. It has given me time spent with other coaches who are good at their coaching craft- that I respect & have credibility. The Christian world has many who try to talk sports & use metaphors, which turns off many real coaches, who are in the busy, stressful world of sports.

These are imperfect guys and dedicated to Christ and their daily walk in their mission field of education.  Real men, not of the man-made mold of wimpy Christians, but of the raw, rough and adventurous Christian that God made them.

God feeds me through his word and by speaking through those guys.

After attending MV for a year, I decided we needed to bring COIN back to Irvine and that has been different but equal in its blessing.  It keeps me accountable to being in God’s word and in prayer and helps my focus as a coach and teacher stay on changing the world for Christ, through keeping my eyes on the real purpose of being a coach.


Penn Bushong

Beckman High School



I have been part of COIN since its inception and it continues to be a blessing for me each week.  To share thoughts, joys, and frustrations of the coaching profession, and most of all a faith in Christ, with a group of coaches, friends, and believers is really uplifting. I then try to take that spirit to the classroom, the basketball court, and the golf course with me each day so that I might have a Christ-like influence on the young people that God has placed under my supervision. It is also great to know that I have others praying for my needs and my victories both in my professional and personal life.


Wayne Carlson

Basketball Coach. Golf Coach and U.S. History teacher

El Dorado High School

Placentia, Ca.








I have been extremely blessed to be involved with the COIN ministry for the past four years. The weekly teachings in COIN have enhanced my personal walk with the Lord and allowed me to impact my players and assistant coaches walk as well.” “Prior to my involvement with COIN I was a bit of back-slider (nothing major just wasn’t living a righteous life, wasn’t in the word and tended to be pretty self-centered), through COIN I began to truly know the Lord and feel his grace and overwhelming love. I am in the word daily and feel the Lord’s constant presence and am attempting to live a righteous life. As I have entered into a stronger relationship with the Lord I can feel his presence as I work with my team. I try to exchange experiences with my team and offer opportunities for all of us to grow spiritually. Our team has been involved with weekly team bible study led by Nelson Cook, through this I have seen growth in our players spiritually both individually and as a team. Our players have been able to keep a very even temperament in the face of adversity (I believe that is directly related to their trust in God), they are humble and are truly playing for Christ.

Bill Czech
Men’s Basketball Head Coach
Hope International University



Nelson and COIN have been such a tremendous blessing to not only me, but my team, fellow coaches and my family.  When I first started COIN about 15 years ago, I was a young, first time coach.  COIN Coaches’ Fellowship has helped get through some of the tough issues of coaching (parents, officials, balancing coaching and family, other coach relationships, athletic directors).  If this was all that COIN did for me, it would be well worth it.  One of the first lessons that have changed my life was a lesson where Nelson quoted from a Doctor, “I am a Christian that happens to be a doctor.”  My worldview was changed at that point.  I am a Christian that happens to be a coach, teacher, husband, father, and friend.  This is just one of the many valuable lessons that have shaped me to be the coach that I am.

One can see what this lesson can do for the impact that I have and will continue to have in all I do.  The coaches that I coach against and the coaches at my school have often asked about how I handle different coaching situations.  Almost every time I have used something that I learned from Nelson and the coaches at COIN.  Not only do I gain from the valuable insight of other Christian coaches, but I am encouraged as well.  The men in the group are all very supportive and the prayer within the group as well as from the prayer warriors that read our prayer sheets have been such a blessing.  I can honestly say that I am the coach I am because of what I have experienced with Nelson and the COIN ministry.

Forever Grateful,

Ryan Curammeng

Head Coach Men’s Varsity Golf

Capistrano Valley Christian High School



I enjoy getting together with some of my fellow coaches and being able to see them in a Christian fellowship setting.  Our meeting times have been encouraging to me as we discuss the challenges we face not only as coaches, but teachers, parents and husbands as well.  We meet before school and I like the way it sets the tone for the day ahead of me.  I get focused on why God led me into teaching in the first place, which is to have a positive influence on this younger generation and hopefully let them see what a follower of Christ is like.

Nelson is a true Barnabas and his love for the Lord is contagious.  It is always great to see him and be challenged to grow in my walk and faith.  He has often spoken truth into my life and been a great example of how to live out your faith in boldness and humility.

COIN has been a great organization to belong to as I have been to the Honor Banquets, the Golf Tournament, and even to meet and hear Coach Del Harris speak.  I thank God for Nelson and the COIN ministry.


Jim Morris

Marina High School, Huntington Beach





I have known Nelson for many years and I have followed him
through FCA and COIN because of his commitment to Christ.  He has been a
mentor and a friend through good times and bad.  Our Wednesday morning COIN
group and Nelson’s leadership has continued to help me grow and stay
grounded.  What I like about our group is the accountability, the prayer,
and the time in the Word to help us all grow.  The group also helps me see
my coaching and family life from other coaches’ perspectives which helps me
to be challenged and sometimes confronted to not be stagnant, but
challenged to continue to be my best for Christ.    2Timothy 2:1-2 is what
I feel is the basis for our group.  That we meet together to be able to
leave and teach others to also be faithful.  Nelson in our group is a major
encouragement in my life and something I look forward to being a part of
every week.

In Christ,

John H. Cyrus III

Lang Arts Teacher, Tennis Coach

El Dorado High School



For the past three years myself and others have been meeting with Nelson Cook in our weekly coaches’ get together at Katella High School in Anaheim.  For me it is a time to share cares, concerns, coaching frustrations and fellowship with other coaches who share some of my same life struggles.  Through our meetings I have gained more insight about biblical knowledge concerning how I should be as a coach, father, husband, and as a friend.  Nelson has been a mentor to me sharing his vast years of bible study, coaching philosophies, and general life struggles.  I enjoy our time each week together and I always walk away feeling more inspired to be the man and coach that God wants me to be.  Through the COIN group I have learned to be a more Christ-centered coach and mentor to the young people I am entrusted with and so it has been very beneficial to me.

Fred DiPalma

Head Football Coach

Katella High School



I have been privileged to be involved with Coaches of Influence since 2004. I have been a part of the coaches’ fellowships in Downey, Irvine, Mission Viejo and Carrollton, TX and served as the leader of the Irvine and Carrollton groups. Overall, COIN has been a tremendous blessing to me as a Christian coach, husband and educator.  Specifically, the COIN ministry has helped me improve as a servant leader and positive mentor to young people in addition to equipping me to disciple other coaches more effectively.  I am extremely grateful to Nelson Cook for his strong leadership and being a great spiritual mentor and friend to me over the past 8 years. Nelson is always one of the first people I contact when I have a question or need advice and I can count on him to give me strong Biblical counsel.  Nelson is one of the most influential people in my life and I am truly thankful for all that he does in the COIN ministry.


CJ Del Balso

Beckman High School








In 1976 I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  June 1978 I took my first Head Baseball Coaching position.  My desire was to be a solid Christian coach in a highly competitive world being an example to my players and all those around me.  Keeping my emotions in check was a constant challenge so I began to look for books to read about being a Christian and coaching.  After a long period of searching I realized I already had the greatest Coaching book in the world, God’s Word.  As I studied the word all the truths of scripture lead me closer to Jesus and answered questions I did not know to ask.  The peace of knowing I pleased my Lord directed all my decisions and interaction with my athletes, parents and faculty.

In 1999 I was introduced to Nelson and my association with COIN began.  The HB fellowship has been a blessing to all of us by sharing, praying and supporting one another in the Word to have a greater effect on the people we come in contact with daily.  Those God has brought to the well of life to drink from the cup He has given us.  Fellowship of believers lifts our heads in times of difficulty and humbles us in victory.


All Glory and Honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Paul Renfrow



My involvement with the Coaches of Influence ministry began about 7 years ago when our wrestling coach, Scott Glabb, invited me to a Bible Study during lunch, led by Nelson Cook.  Since becoming the A.D. at Santa Ana High School, my night commitments for athletics took me away from the Bible studies I had been attending at Calvary Chapel; so, it was a welcome relief to be able to get engaged, and even better that I was going to be in a study with fellow coaches on campus.


The COIN ministry has been such a blessing not only for myself, but for the rest of the coaches who participate.  It has provided the opportunity for Christian coaches to come together and connect with one another in studying God’s Word and working to apply the messages learned to how we minister to the athletes we coach and the students we teach.  I appreciate how Nelson and Phil Brown (who began leading our study two years ago) both challenge and encourage each of us to embrace our calling as men of God serving our missions in the gyms and on the sports field of Santa Ana High.  It is so easy to lose sight of this purpose and to get swept up in the struggles of work but having other coaches on campus involved in the ministry helps keep God present in the workplace every day. It also offers accountability and enables us to turn to one another when we need Godly support.


Through the COIN ministry Nelson has also creates a setting that offers a place for us to hare prayer requests, to give praise reports, and to pray for people we know who need to be saved.  Not only do we pray for the men in our group, but these are sent out in Nelson’s emails, as well.  These monthly newsletters provide words of encouragement, or stories that teach and compel us to act, along with words of wisdom called “Coaching Nuggets”, and a Praise and Prayer Request section.


I am thankful for the time and opportunity to be involved in this ministry.  Too often God is confined to Sunday mornings in our lives, but through Nelson’s commitment to Coaches of Influence and the spread of Bible studies on campuses across parts of Southern California, Godly discussion and values are positively impacting coaches’ attitudes, perspectives, and approaches to coaching.


Brian Lillie

Athletic Director

Head Coach – Boys’ Volleyball

Santa Ana High School







Before I share with you what the COIN ministry has meant to my life, my family and the kids I coach let me introduce myself.  My name is Tony Peralta; a Christian of 33 years, a coach of 31 years (11 as an assistant coach and 20 as a Head Coach) a husband of 24 years and a father of 3 children.  I have been a member of the COIN fellowship since its inception.  Because of that, I feel more than qualified to give you my testimony regarding such.

Simple said the COIN Ministry has changed my life.  How can I describe to you my transformation of heart, mind and soul?  It’s a GOD thing and the thing He has used to do it, is the COIN ministry.    Any further words I share with you regarding that transformation would be selfish on my part.  The truth lies in the testimony of my wife, my children, my colleagues, my players, and most importantly, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  My relationship with the Lord and every relationship He has brought into my life have been blessed, in every way, through the COIN ministries mission and purpose.

This I know, we need each other, through the highs and lows that this life brings.  God did not mean for us to live our lives alone.  I have witness the COIN ministry bring the unsaved to salvation and raise up His children to be more that warriors, to be conquers.  I praise God in heaven for the COIN Ministry and the means it provides to give help and home to the coaching community.


In His Light,

Tony Peralta

Murrieta CF



Shortly after retiring from teaching and coaching in the Long Beach school system, I was asked by a friend if I would like to join him at a coaches of influence fellowship meeting. I knew from the start that God wanted me involved some way with COIN. My wife and I relocated to Corona soon after. That was 12 years ago. With the help of Nelson, and several area Christian coaches I knew, the Corona/Norco fellowship was formed. God immediately placed coaches that loved the Lord in our path. Many are still active.

The person that has had a great impact on my Christian life is COIN director, Nelson Cook. His desire to assist coaches to accomplish the words of Christ: “let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, andglorfy your father in heaven.” is reflected in every fellowship meeting he attends. He is a blessing to all, and his impact on the COIN ministry is profound, and God inspired from its inception.

It is said that a coach will influence over 25,000 people in a career. I believe the impact is even greater. Rod Olson, of legacy builders and former coach, suggests that coaching Gods way will produce a joy of coaching for the glory of God. The COIN MINISTRY does exactly that through encouraging, strengthening coaches in all areas of life. This will have direct Godly influence in each community.


*I would like to see, God willing, resources to hire staff to be involved with coaches on their school campus, offering hands on encouragement to them, and providing Christian leadership when possible.


Tim Sweeney



I have had the privilege of being a part of the C.O.I.N. ministry from its genesis until now. With fondness, I remember praying with Nelson Cook and encouraging him to forge ahead as he passionately shared his vision with me. I have had the privilege of being a part of C.O.I.N. and serving on the original Board of Directors while pastoring in Orange County. I now have the privilege of benefiting greatly from the ministry as a varsity football coach at Norco High School. I am actively involved in the Norco/Corona Coaches group. Both as a pastor and coach, I have observed the many effects of the ministry in the lives of coaches and consistently express gratitude to the Lord that Nelson has faithfully and consistently forged ahead with the vision God gave him over fifteen years ago. Each C.O.I.N. group meeting and the various activities sponsored by C.O.I.N…from the annual banquet to the annual golf tournament…give coaches an awesome opportunity for personal accountability, fellowship, encouragement, inspiration, and spiritual growth. Hundreds of lives have been touched by this great ministry! The future of C.O.I.N. is as bright as the promises of God!

As a pastor, I have always tried to be selective in my personal commitment to the community domain of my life.  CO·IN is at the very top of my priority list.  As one who has always run on two track of ministry, I must say that Coaches of Influence has continuously provided more than adequate meaning and purpose on my life.  Interaction and fellowship with the coaches through CO·IN is more than satisfying.


Buster Reeves



When I was asked to write a few words about what the CO·IN organization means to me, I was thrilled.  CO·IN has been such a blessing to my husband and to our marriage; telling others about such a blessing is an honor.

As the wife of a coach, there are times when I hardly see Jeff.  The time that we do spend together is precious so, when one of us seeks (what we call in our house) “clearance” to spend time with others, it better be good!  I can always count on CO·IN to lift my husband’s spirits after a tough week and give him some good solid Christian guidance.  The fellowship that CO·IN offers coaches and their wives is priceless.  Jeff comes home full of the Holy Spirit which in turn blesses our family.

I love the newsletters as well.  I’m a firm believer in respecting each other’s privacy; that’s why I think the newsletter should probably just be addressed to me!  I open it WAY before Jeff comes home from work!  I really enjoy reading the inspiring stories, but the section that tugs at my heart the most is the Praise and Prayer section. when I read the beautiful words my husband has written about our family. I am always blown away that even after I’ve been very grumpy with him (after being up all night with our teething baby), he still finds a way to write something kind and loving.  Nothing short of a miracle!

So to say that CO·IN has been good for us is an understatement ¼ it’s been a Godsend.  I am truly grateful for CO·IN and what it has done for my husband and me.


Denise Hodges

A grateful coach’s wife



COIN has changed my coaching ministry.  I always felt as a Christian coach I was on an island.  COIN has taught me to trust in my brothers.  Tough times are now shared with men who love the Lord.  Their wisdom and counsel have changed my life and ministry.


COIN builds coaches who are strong in the Lord and confidence to coach in a world that has different standards.  Every time we meet I am blessed by Godly men.  I am given a gift of friendship and fellowship.  I know I am loved be a group of men who I admire because of their wisdom through Christ our Lord.


Greg Ireland



Before I share with you what the COIN ministry has meant to my life, my family and the kids I coach, let me introduce myself.  My name is Tony Peralta, a Christian of 33 years, a coach of 31 years (11 as an assistant coach and 20 as a Head Coach, a husband of 24 years and a father of 3 children.  I have been a member of the COIN Fellowship since its inception.  Because of that, I feel more qualified to give you my testimony regarding such.

Simply said, the COIN ministry has changed my life.  How can I describe to you my transformation of heart, mind, and soul?  It’s a GOD thing and the thing He has used to do it is the COIN ministry.  Any further words I share with you regarding that transformation would be selfish on my part.  The truth lies in the testimony of my wife, my children, my colleagues, my players, and most importantly, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  My relationship with the Lord and every relationship He has brought into my life have been blessed in every way through the COIN ministries, mission, and purpose.

This I know, we need each other, through the highs and lows that this life brings.  God did not mean for us to live our lives alone.  I have witnessed the COIN ministry bring the unsaved to salvation and raise up His children to be more than warriors; to be conquerors.  I praise God in heaven for the COIN ministry and the means it provides to give help and home to the coaching community.


Tony Peralta

About five years ago I joined a group of men that have been a constant encouragement and positive influence on my coaching career.  Specifically guiding me on how to be a coach that God would be prod of.  Too often in this profession we allow ourselves to not be the best men we can be because “it gets in the way of winning”, or some other poor excuse.  Well, it is our duty as coaches and as leaders to be strong men of character and strong men of God.  The men in my COIN group have helped me to be better at both.  Every time we meet, I find a safe place to talk about issues that I may be facing with “todays” athletes and parents, and each time they provide me with multiple ideas all from a Godly perspective.  The mentorship that these men provide has been such a comfort.  Often times they reaffirm what I already felt, but other times they challenge me to step out of my comfort zone in order to do what is right.  Don’t we all need that accountability?


Tony Barile



COIN has been a blessing to me by being able to refocus on God.  In teaching and coaching you can get lost in the details.  This group helps me stay committed to what I truly got into coaching for.

This group helps me right where I am at.  To have local guys help and understand what the area is like.


Brian Voshell



COIN Murrieta ministry is a critical part of a Christian support program that I use to help me on my Christian walk.  One specific benefit I get from my fellow coaches is ideas and encouragement relating to how I can be a witness and role model as a Christian man in a public school environment.

Our group has succeeded through persistent and patient invitation to potential new members.


Bob Blechen



My High School Coach:


I can honestly say that my life would not be what it is today without the influence of my high school History teacher and basketball coach.  My coach is still my coach today.  He has been a part of every major decision and event in my life.  I would not have made it through high school and had the opportunity to play college basketball if it wasn’t for his influence.  I knew in high school that I wanted to be in education because My Coach Changed My Life!


Our relationship over the last 20 years has been a blessing.  When I was turning in my paperwork for my freshman year of college, Coach was there.  When I was coaching basketball, my Coach was at all my CIF Semi & Finals games.  When Coach was in the CIF Finals, my husband, twins, and I were there.  When I got married, Coach and his wife were there.  When my twins were dedicated at church, Coach and his wife were there.  The day I finished defending my dissertation, Coach and his wife were there.  It didn’t matter what the event was, I couldn’t imagine it without Coach being there.


Coach has always been a spiritual pillar in my life.  His strong and consistent dedication to the Lord has encouraged me to press on in my own journey.  God used Coach to inspire me to be passionate about my calling into education.  I’m blessed to have had Coach in my life and hope I make an impact on students the way he had an impact on me.


Alexis Barile

Former athlete & coach, Wife of Tony Barile, and Principal @ Corona Centennial High School