Ways to Serve the COIN Ministry

Billy Graham said: “One coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime.”

So the challenge is – who’s teaching the coaches? Are you hearing God’s “call” to be part of something bigger in your life? If you are, we encourage you to reach out to the COIN Ministry because we are always looking for Christian coaches who have a heart for God, who has the heart to serve, and who feel “called” to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

If you decide to take this “next step” in your life the COIN Ministry Team will partner with you to help determine your specific role as a member of the COIN Team and to help set you on your path to fulfill and support the Vision and Mission of the COIN Ministry. 

If this is something you feel called to pursue, we look forward to hearing from you and walking with you on this new life journey.

CF Group Leadership:

The COIN Ministry is always looking to expand its current group of CF Group leaders, individuals who are seeking:

  1. A desire to love God with all your heart, soul and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself;
  2. A desire to disciple coaches who live and work within their sphere of influence
  3. A desire to reach coaches with the Gospel, to encourage coaches in their faith, and to strengthen coaches in Jesus Christ.

Positions Available: 

There are two basic positions available on the COIN Ministry Team: Staff and Support Staff .

The process to become a member of the COIN Ministry Team begins with the submission of an application/resume followed by an interview with the Founding Director and select members of the Board of Directors.

Both positions offered by the COIN Ministry are directly accountable to Nelson Cook, Founding Director.

The positions available are described as follows:

Is it possible to change this title so the word “staff” is not included? This may help clear the confusion as to which position is paid and which is not.

Staff Position:

The Staff role with the COIN Ministry is a paid position. Funding required to support a Staff level position is self-directed and is completely dependent on the donations raised by the Staff level employee. In addition, the Staff employee is required to report all financial activity to the COIN Ministry.

The Staff employee is geographically based. In other words, within your specific location, your specific duties and responsibilities will include the following:

  1. To identify and recruit coaches to start or join a COIN Coaches Fellowship (CF) Group.
  2. To encourage and strengthen coaches who are members of an existing CF Group.
  3. To share your personal testimony and help train coaches on how to share their faith and story with others.
  4. To establish Prayer Teams and Prayer Networks designed to support CF Groups.
  5. To develop, promote and host programs and events, within your specific geographic area, that build relationships with coaches and support the four pillars of the COIN Ministry:
  • Develop and support Coaches Fellowship (CF) Groups
  • Prayers for coaches
  • Create, sponsor and promote special events
  • Develop Missions to serve those in need

Support Staff Position:

This role is an unpaid position. It is geographically based, with each Support Staff level person expected to commit to some of the basic duties and responsibilities required of a Staff employee (determined following acceptance by the Ministry).

Following a review of your application/resume and completion of the interview process, the Founding Director will contact you to begin a discussion about how to get started and to help you develop a specific job description that best suits your interests, capabilities, and desires.

Funding for Staff level positions:

The COIN Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit Ministry and is completely dependent on the generous giving donations of people who wish to support The Ministry.

Because of the 501c3 status of the COIN Ministry, all team member positions fall under the category of “independent consultant.” Therefore, the Ministry does not directly pay for the work performed by anyone selected to be a member of the team, nor does the Ministry offer typical benefits (i.e. health, dental) that might be offered through other, more traditional means of employment.

Funding for all activities or events planned, supported, or implemented by a Staff member, including any salary paid to the Staff member, is completely dependent on the fundraising efforts of the Staff member through the generosity of private donors.

The funds received through direct donations cover salary, payroll taxes, ministry, programs, and personal living costs. To accomplish this, Staff members are encouraged to invite individuals, churches, and other organizations to invest in their ministry through prayer and financial commitments.